Saint Gertrude is a small design and letterpress studio in Melbourne, Australia.

Though Saint Gertrude's name pays homage to the famous thoroughfare of Gertrude Street, Fitzroy (the traditional printers district of Melbourne) we're actually located in the gorgeous Little Gold Studios in Brunswick.

A tiny team of 3, we are a dedicated letterpress workshop producing all letterpress work in-house on a hand-fed, 100-year-old platen press. Our aim is to create exquisitely unique letterpress work that pushes the proverbial envelope.

Services offered at Saint Gertrude include:

•  Letterpress cards, stationery and prints

•  Letterpress wedding invitations, event invitations and announcements

•  Letterpress printing for designers and agencies

•  Letterpress workshops for designers and agencies

Read more about the history and process of letterpress here.


Saint Gertrude was born in the brain and back yard of Melburnian graphic designer Amy Constable.

In the 80s, Amy was a little red-headed kid who wore Bubblegummers and daydreamed about being be a private detective when she grew up. She collected writing sets (and penpals) and busked with her recorder at Christmas.

In the 90s, Amy was a serious teenager who dyed her hair black and wanted to be a writer when she grew up. Her bedroom walls were plastered with beautiful magazine ads and posters of Leonardo Di Caprio.

In the 2000s, Amy was a Melbourne Uni Arts student, a travelling nomad, a blonde ad agency schlep, a brunette ad agency senior schlep and a travelling nomad again. In 2009, disillusioned with the schlepping, she went back to her natural hair colour and launched Saint Gertrude. Her singular purpose: to create real work for real people made with her own real hands. Letterpress, in all its tactile beauty, just made sense.

In 2014 she is a full-time redhead, designer and letterpress printer. She lives and works in her beloved Melbourne with her husband (John), daughter (Hazel), cat (Henry), budgie (Bert) and an 800kg letterpress (Gordon).